4 Anarkali Suit Designs to Redefine Your Ethnic Wardrobe

As a trend follower and fashion loving woman, you deserve to have the best designs in Anarkali suits to attend parties, weddings, mehndi functions, ethnic occasions, and functions, etc. These suits have their unique ability to give you the diva look without many accessories actually. A nice long length earring and the suit itself can work wonders in nurturing the best of feminine look in you. A dupatta is optional and depends on the suit design. Here are suggested some designer Anarkali suit designs, which you must have in your wardrobe.

1. Floor length Anarkali suits

The floor length Anarkali suits are great choices to show off design and style. Designers get the full body and length of the suit to exhibit nice designs and embroidery and zari work, beads and sequins etc. on the suit. The length of the bottom portion of the suit flowing from the waist, reaches the floor. They give the lower body a nice volume. Matching footwear and dangling earrings with it works the magic.

2. Anarkali with capes

Anarkali suites with capes are a new style, which blends the glamour of capes with the highly feminine Anarkali suits. Caps give a nice flowy look as you wear it with any dress. But pairing capes with Anarkali suits gives extra definition to styling because of a synchronized look at the mid waist part and foot part. Net capes work best in bringing that look.

3. Jacketed Anarkali suits

Jacketed Anarkali suits consist of a jacket worn over the suit, to accentuate the look of the dress. The jacket is the main highlight, which adds to the look. The Anarkali suit inside the jacket should be floor length to give accent to the jacket. The jacket can be any length and any style depending on the style and your preference. Also jackets can be ethnic style, fusion style, contemporary or any styled. Plain and simple jackets also look nice, and highly embellished jackets also look great.

4. Anarkali gowns

Anarkali gowns are a hot favorite among women for parties, weddings, pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding shoots and all. They are different from the floor length Anarkali suits in just one way, that they don’t have a dupatta. The gown styled suits look glamorous.

Getting an Anarkali suit made your style

When you have a good tailor in contact for Anarkali suit stitching in Delhi, you can get any style suit made in your actual fittings with custom designs. Ordering online to get your measurement and dress material collected from the doorstep, and getting it stitched and delivered back to you is a great way to get the latest designer suits made hassle-free.

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